Free ZelCore+ Upgrade!

The Zel team has graciously given us a handful of free 30 day Zelcore+ upgrades. We'll be giving these out to random ZEL miners over the coming days/weeks. They will be given out in as random of a manner as possible. Random miner, random time, random day, random frequency -- We love randomization.

How will you know if you've won? You'll see a message on your worker page letting you know so be sure to check the worker page a couple of times a day. Good luck to everyone and thanks for mining with us!

Join us on Discord if you have any questions!

Getting started at Equipool

We're happy you're interested in mining with us at Equipool! Please select a coin from the left side for configuration information to get you started with mining today.

Rig Monitoring

We now have a bot in Discord that will monitor your rigs and notify you if any of your workers drops in hashrate. Please send a message of ".notify" in the #mining-notifications channel under mining for instructions on how to have the bot monitor your rigs!


Coin Info
Block Reward
Default Payout
Pool Fee
Personalization String

Optional: You can mine with password as "minpayout=####" to set your own minimum payout.
Be sure to replace #### with the number of coins you'd like as your minimum payout.
Minimum allowed payout: 0.001


Adding a worker name allows you to keep track of how lucky your workers are!
All ports are vardiff. This means the pool will automatically adjust difficulty to your hardware's ability.