Getting started at Equipool

We're happy you're interested in mining with us at Equipool! Please select a coin from the left side for configuration information to get you started with mining today.

Rig Monitoring

Equipool provides a bot in Discord that will monitor your rigs and notify you if any of your workers drops in hashrate. Please send a message of ".notify" in the #mining-notifications channel for instructions on how to have the bot monitor your rigs!

Equipool is also available on MinerMonitoring, providing a host of features including:

  • Local GPU data gathering if mining software does not provide all GPU related data
  • Compact view for quick and easy overview with sound alarms and automatic scrolling
  • Coloring options for high temperatures, fan speeds and power usage
  • Create custom status change notifications e.g. `offline`, `hashrate`, `online`, `temperature`, `fan speed`
  • Monitor your estimated daily profit

Mobile Monitoring

Equipool is available on the MinerBox App for iOS and Android. MinerBox allows you easily to monitor your rigs right from your phone!


Coin Info
Block Reward
Default Payout
Pool Fee
Personalization String

Use "minpayout=####" to set your own minimum payout.
Replace #### with the number of coins you'd like as your minimum payout.
Minimum allowed payout: 0.001

Miner Command

If you don't know what SSL is, use the GPU port.
All ports are vardiff. This means the pool will automatically adjust difficulty to your hardware's ability.