BitcoinZ, LitecoinZ & Safecoin notice!

Welcome to Zhash!! We are now fully switched over to zhash algorithm for both BitcoinZ and Safecoin. If you are mining with Equiminer, be sure to use Zhash_EWBF.
If you are mining with EWBF (NOTE: This is a new EWBF for Zhash) manually, you can use a command like the following:


miner.exe --algo 144_5 --pers BitcoinZ --server --user t123456890.rig1 --pass minpayout=1000 --port 50063

miner.exe --algo 144_5 --server --user L123456890.rig1 --pass minpayout=25 --port 50092

miner.exe --algo 144_5 --pers Safecoin --server --user R123456890.rig1 --pass minpayout=25 --port 50113

Please note, LTZ did not change the personalization string so you don't need to define --pers. See the start page for stratum and port options. You can set minpayout to whatever value you like.

Join us on Discord if you have any questions!

Getting started at Equipool

We're happy you're interested in mining with us at Equipool! Please select a coin from the left side for configuration information to get you started with mining today.

Mining couldn't get easier

Only found here, check out EquiMiner! EquiMiner is a free mining app to make mining at Equipool as easy as it can be! EquiMiner comes equipped with all the latest mining software and is compatible with Nvidia and AMD. All you need to do is add your wallet addresses and EquiMiner does the rest! It even comes with auto coin switching for profitability based on current prices or difficulty!

Click here for a video tutorial created by @NinjaPickle.


Coin Info
Block Reward
Minimum Payout

Optional: You can mine with password as "minpayout=####" to set your own minimum payout.
Minimum allowed payout: 0.001


Adding a worker name allows you to keep track of how lucky your workers are!
All ports are vardiff. This means the pool will automatically adjust difficulty to your hardware's ability.